Executive Management Team


Fabrice Soffack

President & Executive Director

Michele Williams


Charles Alade


Board Members

William Teeling, Celerity Consulting Group, LLC

Board member

Jung Ran Lim, The Washington Center

Director of the Fundraising Committee

Steve Edo, Pure Entertainment Group

Board member

Mamadou Bah, USAID

International Development Officer

Peha Djoko, CASA

Assistant Comptroller, CPA

Team Members

Executive Assistant Director

Surbhi Kubba

Project Coordinator

Katrin Patterson

Human Resources

Wing Chan

Public Relations

Kenia Fritz

Brittney Corridean

Deborah Eisenberg

Fund Raising

Andressa Dias

Carine Nouboussi


Mary Waller

Mary Mbulo

Social Media

Amy Richards

Leila Niyokindi

Web Developer

Yali Cao

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