Angels & Doves Foundation makes donation of critical medical supplies to Guinean clinic

Angels & Doves Foundation makes donation of critical medical supplies to Guinean clinic

In October, 2012, the Angels & Doves Foundation paid a visit to the Fraternite Medicale Guinee (FMG), a modest clinic in Conakry, Guinea. One of many clinics throughout the city, the FMG clinic is a small facility with an enormous job; although it is difficult to ascertain the exact number of residents of the city, as much as a quarter of Guinea's population is though to reside in the capital. As part of a larger, good-will tour of Conakry, the Foundation made an important stop at the clinic to make a highly anticipated donation of vital medical supplies to the under-staffed, under-funded facility.

As an independent clinic, the FMG does not receive much funding and suffers from inadequate supplies and equipment in all of its departments. Another reality for the clinic is occasional blackouts and water shortages that affect the entire city and arise from out-dated machinery, corruption and lack of adequate infrastructure. Even with these difficulties, however, the staff manages to stay optimistic and creative, meeting the clinic's clients' needs with spirit and commitment. Created in 1994, the clinic's mission is to provide medical and social assistance to the vulnerable population it is situated amongst. The facility is operated and staffed by a young, dynamic, and dedicated team of nurses, doctors and health care specialists. Every day, this team serves men, women, and children from across the city, and every day they manage to make do.

When the Angels & Doves Foundation heard of the FMG clinic's situation, they jumped into action and assembled a donation of critical medical supplies. The Foundation's president and founder, Mr. Fabrice Soffack, accompanied the donation from the United States to Guinea, and personally oversaw that the donation made it into the right hands. Included in the donation were syringes, catheters, cotton balls, intravenous (IV) starter kits and tubing, saline solution, gloves, and medical-grade alcohol for sterilization etc... This donation gave the clinic a much-needed, six-month's-worth of supplies, and enabled the clinic to better carry out its mission.

On behalf of the foundation, Mr. Soffack thanked the entire staff of the FMG clinic and commended them for their passion and commitment. Angels & Doves is an organization which prides itself in being a champion for the neediest of the needy in West Africa and, as such, donating to the clinic was an action the Foundation was happy to fund and coordinate. Mr. Soffack also promised that the Foundation would donate other medical supplies in the future every time the opportunity will present itself.

The Angels & Doves Foundation anticipates returning to the FMG clinic on future visits to Conakry and West Africa, and looks forward to hearing stories of success from the clinic staff as they continue to provide health services to their neighbors and fellow Guineans. The Foundation is optimistic of and dedicated towards supporting a healthy and peaceful West Africa.

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By Katrin Patterson

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