Angels and Doves Foundation visits Mangamory Primary School

Angels and Doves Foundation visits Mangamory Primary School

The Angels & Doves Foundation visited Mangamory Primary School in Fria, Guinea (West Africa) when the Foundation's Executive Director, Mr. Fabrice Soffack, was visiting the country recently. The Angels and Doves team donated clothing to the primary school's students and toured the facilities alongside representatives of PROJEG (Program of Capacity Building for the Youth of Guinea), and the local authorities.

Among the reasons for the Angels & Doves' visit to the primary school was to plan for the future installation of a well. Having experienced first-hand the serious ramifications that a lack of clean drinking water can bring, the foundation is particularly motivated to work with officials and the school to make clean water a reality for the staff, students, and surrounding community.

The director of Mangamory Primary School happily received the donation from the Foundation and relayed the appreciation of the students and their families for the gift. The director went on to mention the school's growth – from 89 students (67 of which were girls) when they first opened their doors on November 22nd, 2002 to 228 students (126 of which are girls) today – and expressed his gratitude for the promise of clean water for the institution.

At the conclusion of the visit, the Executive Director of Angels and Doves addressed the students personally, highlighting the benefits of having access to clean water at school, and urged them to continue their education. He also reminded the audience that contaminated water could pose serious health risks and that illness and school absences could both be decreased by the presence and utilization of the school's future well.

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By Katrin Patterson

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