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The Power of Water

Water and Health

Good health starts with access to clean water, and the practice of good hygiene and sanitation habits. The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns (United Nations Development Program UNDP, 2006).

The sickness caused by dirty water usually weakened the patient, making him or her incapable to do anything due to the lack of energy. As a result, the patient cannot go to school or go to work that can give her/him the opportunity to learn or earn money for their family. Moreover, when someone gets sick, someone else has to take care of him or her, which means the caregiver also cannot work. They both miss out on the chance to work and the cycle of poverty continues. Also the sick person spends money on doctor's visit and medicine when the money could have been used for food or school supplies. Clean and safe water is essential to healthy living.

Water and Education

The relation between water and education is only unique to developing countries especially to African countries. Everyday, young girls and boys have to carry water from sources away from their homes for domestic purposes. This leaves little time for their education; and for some who still manage to go to school, they come tired or exhausted from theses domestic shores. Lack of clean water has serious effects on student's academic performance and attendance rates.

Further, it is typically the responsibility of the women to fetch water thus limiting their access to both education and business opportunities. With the many additional burdens that a lack of clean water brings, education simply becomes less of a priority. This sets up an unfortunate cycle of poverty and inequality as without a proper education, there is little chance of improving one's situation later in life.

Water and Hunger

Without access to a reliable source of water, food is hard to grow and even difficult to preserve and prepare. Sometimes areas that experience hunger also experience a lack of water because it takes huge amount of water to grow food. Therefore water is fundamental to relieving hunger in developing countries. A small investment in a clean, safe source of water can have a huge impact on both crop production and the nutrition of a community.

Water and Poverty

Access to clean and potable water is essential for people in Africa; Water for these people is the foundation of all development. In poor communities and rural areas in Africa, water is everything. Without water, you cannot grow food, you cannot build housing, you cannot stay healthy, and you cannot keep working. Without clean water, poverty is inevitable. There are a number of reasons why poverty has become an epidemic in Africa. We commonly see poverty as a result of political instability or ethnic conflict; what we don't realize is that the lack of clean and potable water is a real factor to poverty. Nearly one billion people do not have access to clean, and potable (UNICEF). For these people, poverty is a fact of life.

The H2O Project

The H2O Project consists of bringing clean and potable water to each community and each village in the West Africa. Angels & Doves argues that by building wells and safe access to clean and potable water, and giving the responsibility to women for its maintenance and functionality, it will not only empower women, but it will also guarantee the long-term durability of the water source.

In the H2O Project, all members of the community are involved. Men are responsible for the construction of wells and women are responsible for its maintenance and its functionality. Once the construction of the well is done, the women in the community will get together to elect 5-10 members (all women) to form a water committee. Those committee members are responsible for the maintenance and the functionality of the well or the water source.

Join the project: One Well. One Village.
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