Angels & Doves Foundation makes welcomed donation of school supplies

Angels & Doves Foundation makes welcomed donation of school supplies

On October 10th, 2012, the Angels & Doves Foundation visited the town of Fria to make a sizable donation of supplies to a local school. Located approximately 100 miles (160 kilometers) north of Conakry, the capital of Guinea, Fria is home to Africa's first aluminum refinery. Owned by the world's largest aluminum producer, Rusal, the aluminum processing plant's production ground to a halt in April, 2012, after a lengthy pay dispute, leaving residents in despair. International coverage of the event brought much attention to the plight of the town, and Russia bemoaned the sudden plunge into poverty as a "human catastrophe".

Fria had depended largely on the factory for its survival and is now going through a very difficult time. The situation adds insult to injury for the town's 8,600 children whose families are now unable to pay tuition. Over 80% of these children are enrolled in K-12 education programs. About 1,800 of them are in exam classes, and more than 1,000 of them are going to school for the first time. With their families in poverty and unable to afford even the most basic amenities, school tuition and supplies are a distant dream.

When the Angels & Doves Foundation heard of the situation that had befallen Fria, they jumped into action, soliciting donations from Target and other organizations. In collaboration with PROJEG (Program of Capacity Building, Society, Organizations, and Youth of Guinea), the Foundation participated in the awarding of the school supplies to the children of Fria. Included in the donation were ten boxes of books, five boxes of crayons, forty boxes of pens, and 120 chalkboard slates. The ceremony was held at the mayor's office, and was attended by representatives from the local schools as well as union representatives from the factory.

Mr. Amara Traoré, mayor of Fria, opened the ceremony by welcoming the Angels & Doves Foundation and saluting their gesture. He also thanked PROJEG for all of its efforts in Fria. The local non-governmental organization Relay, which had handled all of the logistics and transportation of the donation, was also present at the ceremony and expressed gratitude for the Foundation's and PROJEG's work. Mr. Fabrice Soffack, Executive Director of the Angels & Doves Foundation, spoke at the ceremony as well, wishing the town and its schoolchildren the best of luck with their education.

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By Katrin Patterson

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