Angels & Doves Foundation honored by USAID

Angels & Doves Foundation honored by USAID

Ms. Nancy Estes, the director of the United State's Agency for International Development (USAID), recently received Mr. Fabrice Soffack, the President, & Executive Director of the Angels & Doves Foundation. During their brief meeting, they discussed the Foundation's mission and vision as well as its future projects geared specifically towards Guinea, West Africa. Ms. Estes applauded and saluted the humanitarian effort and achievements of the Foundation, and praised them for their positive impact upon health and education in Guinea. The Foundation is incredibly excited to have attracted the attention of USAID, and looks forward to continuing to fulfill its mission as it strives to support the peaceful development of West Africa.

USAID mission in West Africa provides development planning, financial assistance, and conflict resolution, among many other services. Angels & Doves is proud to be working alongside such strong programming, and feels that it is providing invaluable support to all of the development work being conducted in the region. As a smaller organization with a focused mission, the Foundation is able to quickly respond to situations and advocate for those in need. Being recognized by USAID confirmed the Foundation's conviction and belief in a strong, healthy, and united West Africa.

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By Katrin Patterson

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